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About Us

Welcome to RDPLRoyal Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd.


  • Welcome to our diagnostics lab! We are a state-of-the-art medical diagnostic laboratory that provides accurate, reliable, and timely diagnostic testing services to healthcare providers and patients.

  • RDPLRoyal Diagnostics Private Limited was established in 2015 with a motive of Serves Best Pathology Lab Services in Jaipur since then it has been working uninterrupted to provide Pathological and Diagnostic solutions that incorporate the best infrastructural and technological advancements in the world of the health sector.

  • At our lab, we have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, including pathologists, medical technologists, and other medical personnel, who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality in diagnostic testing. We use advanced technologies and equipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our test results.

  • Our lab offers a wide range of diagnostic testing services, including clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, and pathology. We also provide specialized testing services for infectious diseases, cancer diagnosis, and genetic testing.

  • We are Best Diagnostic Centre in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur, Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our patients by providing accurate and timely diagnostic testing services. We are committed to delivering high-quality, patient-centered care and to ensuring that our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis possible.

  • We work closely with healthcare providers to ensure that our test results are integrated into their patient care plans and that they have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their patients' health.

  • At our diagnostics lab, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, quality, and service. We are constantly striving to improve our processes and services to ensure that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our patients and healthcare providers.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Through our network, we offer patients convenient locations for their diagnostic laboratory services and efficient service.

RDPLRoyal Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. has a very strong focus on hiring and retaining top quality manpower in lab.

  • New Born baby blood collection
  • One prick
  • Highly trained and experienced
  • Convenient time ( After and before 8am to 8 pm)

Tests by Condition

Life Style Disease
  • HbA1c ,Lipid Profile, BSR (Cardio Diabetic)
  • RA Factor,CRP ,ASLO (Joint Problems)
  • TB PCR (Chain Smoker)
  • Veg.(Eggplant, Garlic, Tomato, Onion)
  • Non-Veg.(Egg, Meat, Chickens, Mutton, Fish)
  • Combo(Egg White,Wheat,Peanut,Egg Yolk,Blue Mussel,Olive,Total IgE,Fish Shrimp etc)
  • Semen analysis,Total tetosterone
  • Estradiol (E2), Progesterone, serum,TSH
Hormonal Disorder
  • TFT(Thyroid Function Tests - T3/T4/TSH)
  • Serum Insulin
  • PSA(Prostate Specific Antigen)
Viral Disease
  • Urine Culture
  • Widal, Malaria, Dengue etc
Locomotion Disorders
  • Vitamin-D,Vitamin-B12
  • Calcium, PO4(Phosphorus), Folic Acid
  • RA Factor

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